Matthew 6 Project – revisited

A year or so back I did something of an experiment in our house, which I titled “The Matthew 6 Project”. The results were both exciting and liberating, and changed the way we think about finances…

Photo by Julia Freeman-Woolpert. Used with permission

Why I AM Excited About Church!

It’s been 5 years since my husband and I left our last church, at God’s suggestion. (Insistance, actually). We assumed at the time that He would place us in another local fellowship near where we lived at that time.

Original photo by Peter Caulfield, used with permission.

Prophetic word: Step into 2015!

Many of you have been in confusion recently. You have felt disorientated and “lost”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though you may not see it yet, I have been laying down plans, ready for the next direction you are to take


Living in Christ, – My Way

So, this afternoon, me and the Big Fella had a bit of a chat. I’ve been kind of struggling through a few questions recently. I’ve also been seriously struggling with wider issues about church, crappy theology and, lets face it, there’s some straight up charlatans out there.

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