3 Sports Inspirational Stories- From Failure to Success

sports inspirational stories

It is often too many times that we see or hear stories of successes in sports, that athletes are giving excellent performance and leaving their marks. However, it’s the behind the scenes stories or in this case, the stories of failures are the inspirational ones.

Athletes face tremendous challenges already like personal adversity, heartbreaking loss, lost matches, excruciating training sessions, and for female athletes health problems and bone density loss due to irregular menstrual and eating habits. But when life throws them curveballs, that’s when the real journey begins. In this article, we are going to pay tribute to three motivational personalities who never gave up against terrible obstacles in life among many others.

Michael Jordan

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The legendary Michael Jordan has been complimented to the sky and beyond. But his story wasn’t always this smooth. One of the best basketball players of all time, Jordan did not make the list of players in high school because he was 5’11” and was perceived too short, without any talent. Anyway, that did not discourage him, he worked harder and when he felt tired he always reminded himself of that list in the locker room without his name on it. He will soon recover and train even more.

He always credited his failures to be his reasons for success. He even counted the three hundred matches he had lost and twenty-six winning shots he had missed but he went on. In his own words, “I can accept failure but I cannot accept not trying” may very well carry the sheer determination and character of Michael Jordan.

Sandeep Singh


In 2004, January, Sandeep Singh made his debut internationally in Kuala Lumpur in ‘Sultan Azlan Shah Cup.’ When he was at the highest peak of his career, it was claimed that he had the best speed (145 km/h) in drag flick in the world. But tragedy struck as he was shot accidentally on Shatabdi Express on twenty-second August 2006.

He was on his way to attend the World Cup with his national team after two days in Germany. For two long years, he was mostly paralyzed and in a wheelchair. He wasn’t one of them who gave up easily. He relentlessly tried his best and scripted his own story by making a glorious comeback. He not only came back and re-established his former position in the team after recovery but also became one of the greatest cogs in the Indian Hockey team.

Bethany Hamilton

It was unsurprising news that Bethany Hamilton learned to surf at the age of seven as she was brought up in Hawaii. However, in 2003, she faced a terrible accident when a shark bit her left arm off. It was probably a tragic end to others’ dreams but not to her. She swore to herself that she would neither complain nor would she stop surfing. Her perseverance shone through when she started to surf again only after twenty-six days.

Now, she is one of the top fifty surfers worldwide. She has also acclaimed the first prize at the “Explorer’s Women Division” of the ‘NSSA National Championships.’ Her success story was not a miracle because she faced moments of intense frustration as the first one arm surfer when she was still adjusting to her disability. She worked hard and never gave up because of her amputation. Thus, she became an inspiration to many young girls and amputees via her charity called “Friends with Bethany.”


There are countless stories like these, each is different, valuable, and motivational in its own glory. They are the living, breathing proofs that success comes from willpower not only from physical power.

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