A List Of Inspirational Movies Netflix Has In Store For You That You Should Watch

inspirational movies netflix

All of us, almost always are excited about weekends. In fact this excitement sometimes even leads us to planning for the weekends from the week days itself. Given the stress that we go through each week, Netflix and Chill seems to be the best way out. And being locked down in our own houses last year has exhausted our list of movies and now we don’t know what to watch next. Right? Well, not exactly. Here’s a list of inspirational movies Netflix has in store for you. After all, what are we if not emotional beings, right?

The Pursuit Of Happyness

No, we did not spell it wrong. It is how the makers named it. This movie starring Will Smith and his little son, Jaden Smith is a must watch for every struggling person. That does not mean you cannot watch it if you are well-established. This movie is about a middle class salesman and his struggle of survival and keeping his son fed and alive every passing day. As they say, in the end, everything is gonna be alright and this movie is just the thing you need to watch to re-establish that faith.


A group of colorful umbrellas on a rainy night

A documentary rather than a movie, this flick attempts to answer our inner potential to find and bring to life our own happiness. It focuses on the latest research about positive psychology and tells us about the people who have created their own happiness and have lived a happy life.

The Shawshank Redemption

If you haven’t watched it yet, now is the time. This movie tells us about the beautiful friendship that grows between two men between the walls of the prison. It teaches us never to leave our hopes and to always keep faith in ourselves. Furthermore, it also tells us that patience and calm is the only key to winning in life and that we can never lose that at any given cost. Enough said, now go and add it to your watchlist right away.

Hachi – A Dog’s Tale

Oh Hachi! How can you not watch this wonderful movie. Whether you are a dog lover or not, whether you own a pet or not, trust me, you are definitely going to love this wonderful movie. It is a tale of a dog whose owner dies of a heart attack at work and never returns back. Hachi waits for him at the station, at his same old spot ever since then and eventually dies. I literally have tears in my eyes while talking about this. If you haven’t seen this film, snuggle up to your partner, stock up on a ton of tissues and put it on without wasting a second.

Wrapping Up

So, these were our top picks of inspirational movies on Netflix for now. We’ll be adding to this list so that your movie list never ends. But till then, go ahead and switch on your TV to watch these right away.

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