Add an Additional Structure to Your Scrapbook That Can Fully Meet Your Standard! Check This Out

Every one of us wants to have our own scrapbook in which we can store our memories. If you want to decorate it differently, then there can be nothing better than using the added structures to make them look cool. Once you start using the decorations, you will not look back. These decors are amazing to look at, and you can get them in multiple colors. The fonts are too pretty, and you can get the decorations at a very pocket-friendly price. There are numerous features as well as advantages and disadvantages so that you can use these sticky notes shortly. 

Scrapbooking Vellum Paper Stickers For Notes Journals Planner Card Making

This amazing product is available for about 14 dollars and that too at a comparatively discounted price. The material is of high quality, and you do not have to worry about it getting torn easily. It is also kid-friendly, and you will be able to use them on the letters, projects, cards, and diaries. It is very easy to use, and in a single package, you will be able to get 50 pieces. They are extremely cute in look, and you can even use them on the books and copies of your boy or girl. If you have a very boring diary or journal, you can make them totally fun-looking. There are numerous writings on them like- ‘good night,’ ‘always be joyful,’ ‘you are beautiful, etc. Buy the scrapbooking vellum paper stickers now so that you can have a busy weekend


  • Features- cute and decorative
  • Price- 14 dollars
  • Good for- scrapbooks, journals, and diary
  • The package contains- 50 piece stickers
  • Buy- secure payment method
  • Material – vellum paper
  • Brand name – KSCRAFT
  • Packaging- 50 pcs/set
  • Product type- decoration
  • Model number- 18052301


  • No matter how boring of a book or copy you have, you can always make things interesting with the help of this product. You can even give it to kids and lose it on the walls and doors. 
  • The notes have a very positive vibe which is why you would want to paste them in. Now you can order them with the help of a secure payment method even when you are sitting back at home. The paper is of very high quality, so that it is not very easy to tear off. Not only that, but you can even add them to the wishlist so that you can buy them at your convenience.  
  • Now you can even carry them in your pocket and stick them whenever you like. The people are very strong, and the design will make the entire outlook very cool. 


  • At first, the scrapbooking paper stickers might seem to be a little bit expensive to you, but after you put them on, you will not have any regrets.


Now that you know about the people stickers for notes and planner card making, why should you look back? Instead, try and decorate something on your own to create a unique style. 

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