Best Inspirational Movies For Youth That You Will Love

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Movies are a great source of entertainment and they make you feel great about yourself. There are some movies that can give you some amazing lessons that you will remember all your life. These movies make you feel inspired and the characters resonate with you so well that you feel a connection with them. All these movies are hard hitting and they make you feel as if you are the one in the movie and you want to win in life by watching these movies.

 It is especially the youth they gets inspired by such amazing movies and if you are also looking for some of these movies then here is the list of movies that you can watch for some inspiration. You will fall in love with the storyline and the characters will leave you wanting more.

The Paper Chase

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This is the movie for people who are struggling with their studies at college or at school. It is the story of a student who faces so many challenges during his study at Harvard University. This movie will resonate well if you are also in school or in college and you face issues with studies and just being there in general. It is a must watch movie for all the youngsters out there who will get motivated to overcome whatever issues they are facing and excel in their chosen field of study.


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This movie is inspired by a book and the story is very intriguing. If you are struggling with your college applications and the process of filling out the scholarship applications then this is the movie that you must watch. In this movie, a talented student comes to Harvard University but to get a scholarship he needs to write about his unique experience that no other student has. He struggles with the application but one of the professors realizes his talent of counting and gives him an interesting deal. So all the people who are looking for what to write in their scholarship applications must watch this awesome movie for some inspiration.

Forrest Gump

This is an interesting story of a man with a very low IQ who manages to achieve a lot in his life. He manages to win the Medal of Honor for his bravery which is a big feat for him and he also manages to learn new skills and become successful in his life. This is an inspirational story that anyone who is lacking inspiration in his life should definitely watch. The story is a true representation of the fact that if you want to do something and you work hard enough you will do it no matter what.


These are the best movies that you can watch for some added inspiration and motivation that will make you feel better. All these are the best inspirational movies for youth and these inspirational movies for youth can be watched online. You will love these movies and you can watch other movies also if you want some extra inspiration for yourself.

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