Best Success Stories From Shark Tank


Shark Tank is a very reputed American television series with its 10th season in the year 2018 October. It was one of the best platforms for aspiring entrepreneurs to make their first step. Later on, Shark Tank came up with numerous ideas for entrepreneurs, and it was not only an entertainment forum. It became one of the best resources for entrepreneurs so that they could sell their products in the market. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and you want to know about the success rate of Shark Tank, you should keep reading. That’s because Shark Tank has been able to prove its worth in the world of business. Today we are going to talk about the best success stories from Shark Tank and how it has been able to enlarge the company from a small scale. 

Scrub Daddy

Best Success Stories From Shark Tank
Best Success Stories From Shark Tank

Scrub Daddy is one of the products which helps in scraping through the dirt of the utensils without losing any shape. It is available in fun options, and it has stain removing capabilities. No matter how small the product is, it is a shock that it became one of the best companies. The partnership came with a generous prize of 200000 dollars with a return of 20% equity in the business. Shark Tank shows how to negotiate and focus on the positive side of the company instead of emphasizing on the negative side.

LollaCup- Success Stories From Shark Tank

When the little kids best traveling with straws, this company started producing the products in which the cup came with a fixed straw. The scheme in vibrant colors and the return for this product was 40% equity in the business. This company expanded from being a small scale and large scale business and more than 2 million sales. All the benefit goes to the sales pitch inspired by Shark Tank. Initially, the company only expected a 15 % stake, but the counteroffer of 40% was shocking.

Best Success Stories From Shark Tank
Best Success Stories From Shark Tank

Tipsy Elves

It is a top-rated apparel company that creates something unique, like sweaters and costumes. Before it came to the Shark Tank platform, extensive preparation was done to develop the sales pitch, and eventually, it was the hard work that got recognition. In the same your in which it game to the Shark Tank, there was a sale of 600000 Dollars per year. The success lesson is that you need to customize your deals to every target audience so that it is relatable. 

Wicked Good Cupcakes- Success Stories From Shark Tank

Indifferent to how silly the name songs it is one of the best companies which will satisfy your cakes hunger. That is because it comes right out of the oven and sells nationwide. It is a company, and the founders are mother and daughter in relation. After a present IT company in the Shark Tank platform, there was a generation of 14 million dollars in sales. The success lesson that the company understood is that you need to solve the problem of the customer instead of selling the universal solution. 

It is always a good thing to understand the needs of the customer, which is why a short time is the best platform for the sales pitch. Now that you know about how successful Shark Tank can be, we hope you will also step into the world of entrepreneurship. 

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