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With rich auburn tones that are unusually spaced, this painting captures the true beauty of the tiger. The colouration of these stones was initially given this name because it closely matches the golden and yellowy-brown colouration of a tiger, which is one of the reasons why the tiger eye stone is so popular. It was considered that the Tiger’s Eye was more valuable and precious than gold. Only tribal chiefs and their near relatives had and wore Tiger’s eye for their wardresses or ceremonial costumes at this period since it was so rare and stunning.

About Tiger Eye Stones

We commemorate Shaka’s brilliance, bravery, and power with our tiger eye stone beaded chocker, as well as the brave and valiant warriors of the legendary Zulu Tribe. Those tribes believed that by adorning the tiger gaze, they would get tiger strength. Tiger eye crystals have an earthy look but are incredibly powerful, and they symbolise power and pride.

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Advantages Of Wearing Chocker Made Of Tiger Eye Stones Beads

Wearing a tiger eye is good for the wearer’s spiritual and physical well-being. It is the stone of all-knowing and all-seeing. It may safeguard both the individual and their business, as well as provide better concentration and clarity for the owner. This stone is recognised for its therapeutic powers, which aid in the reduction of worry, fear, confidence, and strength in the user.

Because the Tiger’s Eye stone stimulates both the Solar Plexus and the Root Chakras, it’s inherently helpful in resolving bodily issues that arise when those two Chakras are out of balance. Tiger’s Eye is also recognised for its ability to boost circulation and assist the endocrine system. It’s frequently used to enhance energy and replenish vigour since it harnesses the sun’s energy. If you’re having trouble staying motivated, Tiger’s Eye can assist. As a willpower booster, Tiger’s Eye is quite effective.

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Cons Of Tiger Eye Stones

If you are wishing to wear Tiger eye stones for any spiritual benefit, it is recommended to consult an astrologer. Otherwise, you can also wear this necklace as a styling accessory for the sake of fashion. 

Wrapping Up

Tiger’s Eye’s protecting properties are also available to you on your spiritual path. Tiger’s Eye can help you not only improve your psychic skills, but also safeguard you during psychic sessions, spell casters, or trying to contact your spiritual guidance.

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