Fill Your Scrapbook With Amazing Decorative Stickers That Will Keep Your Notes And Memories Vivid! Get It Today!

Scrapbooks are used to recollect memories. They are used to preserve memories, arrange them in asymmetric order. It is a fun hobby that is still practiced in families to preserve their family memories for future generations. 

So, while making those memories and pasting them on a scrapbook, you would also like to decorate them. To make them attractive. Scrapbooks are a creative way to store all those cheesy and touching memories with your families and friends to whom you are close. 

It’s very common to show those scrapbooks among relatives and friends. You won’t want to show a messy and untidy scrapbook. Opening those scrapbooks is like opening your box of old good memories. So don’t make them dull. 

Show your artistic creativity in your scrapbooks using these beautiful rubs on stickers that are extremely helpful and you can stick them on wherever you want. 

So let’s dig in and learn more about the scrapbook stickers that will redefine your scrapbook look and make it special.

Beautiful Rub-On Scrapbook Stickers For Decorating And Designing

With these beautiful stickers, you can use them to decorate your scrapbook and make it look beautiful. These rubs on scrapbook stickers are not only useful for scrapbooks but also other interpersonal things like your personal diary, journey, etc. They can make anything look beautiful to look at. You can even use them to decorate your projects, notes, or letters. But don’t use it in your boss’s notes. These stickers can be used for scrapbooks, notes, letters, and small packages. These are beautiful and fun stickers to use for your projects.

Even a 4-year-old can use them easily. They are handy and easy to use. So if your child wants to get a little creative, they can easily use them. 

They work differently from your usual stickers. They are transfer stickers, which transfer from the PVC sheet to any smooth surface with just a rub. Thus they gave a more finished look.

Purchase your Beautiful Rub-On Scrapbook Stickers For Decorating And Designing today.


  • Size: 10 x 16.5 cm
  • Material: Paper
  • Package includes:
  • (4) pieces of stickers


  • They can be used in varieties of things like your school project, notes, letters. 
  • They can also be used to decorate your stuff like a diary, journal, scrapbook.  
  • They are very easy to use, so even a 4-year-old can conveniently use them. 
  • They beautify your work. 
  • They are cheap. 


  • They are not professional. 
  • They can only be used on smooth surfaces. 
  • If you don’t use it probably on the plane surface, then the design might overlap


Rub on scrapbook stickers come in various varieties. They are easy to use for all age groups and they also give a more natural and beautiful effect on the paper. They made your work easy and fun to do.

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