Food For Thought Quotes To Help You Get Ready

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If you are not familiar with this quote, it says “I can give a good food to my children, but they will not eat of my produce.” This is a great definition of giving gifts and favors to others. Giving gifts is an expression of love and caring.

In today’s society we live in a world where people give each other crap just to make a friend or family member happy. You would think that the world would be a better place if people actually took care of each other. The problem is that people give each other crap all of the time. And then when they don’t get what they want they say something like, “You’re such a prick” or “You are so cheap.”

Give Gift Instead Of Compliments

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So, instead of giving a useless compliment to someone else, why not give them a gift that says, “I love you”? You can find tons of great food for thought quotes all over the internet. So if you are stuck for inspiration on how you can make someone’s day, you can try these great quotes.

“You Can’t Cook From Nothing. Or Cut Out The Heart From A Swan. A True Crock Pot Is The Best Of All Worlds.” ~ Jim Rohn

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“A true friend is someone who gives you a hug and lets you know that they love you and miss you.” ~ Betty Crocker “The difference between success and failure is in how you feel about yourself.” ~ Brian Tracy

“If you love what you do, you’ll do what you love. If you love what you don’t do, you won’t do anything.” ~ John Ibbott

“Life’s A Basket Full Of Surprises.” ~ Alice P Cornyn

Food for thought quotes can be found all over the internet. Some websites allow you to customize your own quotes. Others have pre-made quotes and you have to either create your own or go through and change them a bit to suit your style. Either way, you are sure to appreciate these simple and fun quotes.

I’ve heard that the most important lesson to learn is that your future depends on today. Are you ready to get ready? Are you willing to go for it? When was the last time you took a chance and actually did something about your potential? Now is the time to get it done and do it now.

In order to move forward, it has to be said that we all need to start somewhere. What did you do to get ready for this moment? Were you thinking about anything else? Why not get started right now?


If you would like more information on how to get ready and take charge of your own destiny, then why not check out my website. There are many free books available as well as valuable information to help you succeed in life. You can find everything you need to live a great life in the pages of my website. Food for thought quotes can help you get ready for that great day ahead. You will be amazed at how much more successful you will feel and how much more happiness you will have.

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