Four Famous Inspirational Book Publishers

inspirational book publishers

Book writing is prevalent these days. Writing is more of a passion than a job for today’s generation. For every successful writer, a good publishing house is responsible. One of the genres that are quite in the air these days is Inspirational writing. There are a lot of Inspirational Book Publishers in almost every big city. Before sending your manuscript to Inspirational Book Publishers, make sure that you make a website of your own and make goodwill. Your website should be all about you and your killer writings. Getting your book published by Inspirational Book Publishers is not a difficult task but it is always advisable to use the traditional way of submitting your manuscript first to an agent and then give it for publishing.

Some Of The Inspirational Book Publishers Around the World

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Acadian House Publishing

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This is one of the Inspirational Book Publishers, operated in Louisiana. This publishing house is independent and specializes in non-fictional titles. Acadian Publishing House was founded in 1979 and has published a huge variety of books regarding psychology, biographies, self-help books, and business. This publishing house is one of the Inspirational Book Publishers, which is accepting manuscripts for books about inspiration and self-help. Just like any other Inspirational Book Publishers, they require you to send a query letter mail first. Only those books will be published in which they are interested.

Addicus Books

Addicus books in of the small Inspirational Book Publishers of Omaha. It was founded in 1994. This Inspirational Book Publishers, aim at publishing because of high quality, non-fiction books mainly focused on good health. The Addicus Books is accepting manuscripts. Since they are Inspirational Book Publishers, their main interest revolves around self-help books, business, psychology, economics, etc. They would prefer reading your work first, which means that you are required to send a query letter via e-mail. The requirements are an overview of your book written on a page, a brief introduction of two or three chapters from the book, and an outline of chapters, count of words, and market information that you are targeting.

Turner Publishing

This is one of the Inspirational Book Publishers which has won an award and is beyond any doubt, an excellent choice. They are famous for publishing titles that are non-fiction as well as fiction. Some of their famous works are The New Smart: How Nurturing Creativity Will Help Children Thrive’ by Terry Roberts and ‘Turning Yourself Around: Self Help for Troubled Teens’ by Kendall Johnson, as well as ‘STARS: Respecting the Rights of Others’ written by Jan Stewart. They would like to accept a query mail first regarding your submission.

Library Tales Publishing

This is one of the Inspirational Book Publishers which has published a lot of self-help books. They have worked with pretty famous writers like Jim Hamilton, Arje Shaw, etc. They publish both e-books and printed books.


Inspirational Book Publishers are increasing day-by-day because of the hike in need of self-help books. They are always available for work and are spread worldwide.

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