Howards Plan Howard Hughes and the Making of a Great Movie

You have just discovered something that is so amazing; inspirational movies based on true stories. It is time for you to share this amazing discovery with all your friends. It is time to make someone’s life beautiful like yours was. This is a life-changing experience for you, and we can all benefit from inspiring others through movies. So here is a list of just 20+ of the most inspirational and motivating movies based on real life stories that can assist you in inspiring the world with the purest individuals, who broke all social rules and lived by their own rules.

The Window

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This is an inspirational movie that comes highly recommended by those who have seen it. Starring Akshay Kumar, Anushka Shetty and Ravi Teja, the movie highlights the life of a young girl from a poor family who is thrown out of her own house after her parents die. Her desperate need to find her brother and sisters inspires her to start an organization that helps people like her escape the streets to find happiness. The girl, inspired by her encounter with her neighbour Sunil, becomes an agent who helps people like her move on with their lives.

The Master Forger: This is one of the most inspiring movies about courage and self-confidence. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Paul Bettany, The Master Forger is a psychological thriller about a master forger who becomes a superstar after creating a unique book that helps many people. However, this success soon backfires when his ex-wife returns to take control of his life. The movie is a great teaching moment as it depicts how writers must always think smart while writing, and how their work will affect others around them. With a gripping story and some very likable actors, The Master Forger is the perfect film to watch before you graduate from high school.

The Secret By Steve Mcqueen

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One of the most impressive inspirational movie stories of all time, The Secret follows the life of young black girl Emmett Tillacher as he tries to get out of his marriage to white woman Emmett’s mother. A masterful portrayal of what it means to be an African-American in modern society, The Secret gives equal weight to the good and the evil that people can bring into their lives. The movie has won several awards and continues to be remembered as one of the greatest films of all time. Along with Goldie Hawn, Kevin Pollack and Emmett Tillacher, The Secret is a true story that will touch the lives of many with its honest portrayal of a typical American family and the perils they face when trying to fit in. Highly recommended

Invictus: Based on the book written by Michael Crichton, Invictus is a love story between a United States Marine Corporal and a terrorist leader from Algeria. The film portrays the struggle of the marines corporal to help his friend and fellow Marines beat back the terrorists. With some great acting performances, this movie created an impression that it was truly based on a true story and was not made merely to obtain commercial success. The movie received warm movie screen reviews from viewers everywhere. The true stories in this movie are heart wrenching and completely true to life. Another great inspirational movie starring Russell Brand and Morgan Freeman, Invictus is a definite must see movie…

Summing Up

When Hollywood gets a little bored with creating movies, they usually turn to something with a little more heart and drama like Finding Nemo or The Informant! These two movies have both received warm, critical reviews from audiences around the world, which is mostly directed towards the positive aspects of the movies. Finding Nemo was considered one of the year’s most popular movies, mainly due to its Oscar win for the best film award, but also because of the great acting performances by actors Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres. Finding Nemo took home the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, beating out the other animated films including the record breaking Frozen, The Iron Man 3, and The Lion King.

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