Inspiration Through Great Stories And Success

Inspiration Through Great Stories And Success

When we think of Stories, we typically picture a storyteller. Often we also visualize a world in which the audience is meant to identify with the character’s plight and pursue the hero to success and this gives us inspiration. But what do we actually mean by “story” and why do stories inspire us to take action?

Stories are statements of intent or ideas. They are statements about what we want to achieve, who we are, and how we wish the world to be. Stories are stories about setting up a challenge or risk and then telling the person going through it how to overcome it. Stories aren’t about events or people but rather about thoughts. Why did we come up with the story, how did we create it and what does it say about us?

Inspiration Brings In Positive Environment

When we think of inspiration, we often think of A-ha and Crazy Horse, two icons of American music who embodied American optimism. The stories that inspired these icons are not easily quantified, but we all recognize them as inspiring. Similarly, stories inspired by a group of people may be fairly easy to understand, especially if they are inspirational.

Inspiration Through Great Stories And Success
Inspiration Through Great Stories And Success

People look for inspirational stories to get them through the most difficult times. Stories that tell us how to overcome an obstacle, how to live by example, how to live without fear, how to stand up for what we believe in are all powerful examples of inspiring others. All it takes is the ability to hear a story and believe in it to change the way you experience life.

A study conducted by Dr. Nicole Spangler found that inspiring words that begin with “I”, “we “us” are more compelling than inspiring words that begin with “me “mine”. In fact, Dr. Spangler found that stories that start with a speaker saying “I” about their accomplishment, “we” about their team or “us” about themselves create an emotional connection more quickly than words that begin with “my “or “mine”. This doesn’t mean that one story is better than another, it simply means that inspirational stories that begin with “I” resonate more powerfully than inspiring stories that begin with “mine”.

Great Stories Gives Us lot Of Inspiration

The great stories that inspire us to take action and keep us inspired often have elements of storytelling. For example, when we see a fire, we imagine that our character has become ember-burning, that our character is about to take on a journey of discovery.

Inspiration Through Great Stories And Success
Inspiration Through Great Stories And Success

The journey of discovery is the underlying theme in most of the greatest stories ever told, stories that lead to character development. The journey that character goes on is no less remarkable and wonderful. Stories that inspire us to take action will always be inspiring even if we do not necessarily “go on” the journey.

Stories that inspire us to take action tend to be written by people who are living their lives and they are so well written, they seem to read like a script. They can be memories of everyday life, for example, a boy who grew up playing outside in the backyard and dreaming of being a hockey player and finally playing in the NHL. Or they can be memories of love, dreams of living the life of someone else, or an exercise routine.

Aromatherapy Gives Relaxation To The Body

This makes wonderfully scented candles for relaxation and a great escape to the world of great stories. Aromatherapy stories are also very good at motivating us to take action. Think of a book that inspires you to meet your own goal and how you take action to fulfill your dream.

When you look at the motivating force behind inspiring stories you are better able to relate to them. You see what it is about and you see how it happens and how it makes you do it.

Inspirational stories are meant to be taken on, not just read about. Some stories, when hearing and held close to heart, can make all the difference between happiness and sadness. The right books make you take action and encourage you to take your life to the next level, they create a path where you feel it is necessary to take that action.


You may be able to witness a great story, you may not, but you will feel it and that sense of “ah-ha!” will inspire you to take action.

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