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Inspirational Book Publishing seeks to empower readers through insightful text and image materials. As a lifelong independent, traditional bookstore owner with a social conscience, Kharis Publishing seeks to provide authentic representation for underrepresented writers, women, minority and first-time authors. Through the creative vision of a team of highly skilled authors, graphic designers and editors, Khari Books will cultivate new talent while building enduring professional relationships with established authors. As a founding member of the imprint’s Raincoats Press, KRAJARIS brings renowned authors like Carol Duvall, Karen Russell, Amy Waterman and more to life through original, stimulating content.

An Overview


Inspirational book publishing ventures foster hopeful authors who are unbound by tradition and time-consuming procedures. While traditionally established book publishers dictate the process of publication from start to finish, an inspirational book publishing company will work with authors from all backgrounds and walks of life. Khari Publishers has made our books available to readers in over 35 languages, including Spanish, German, Korean, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, and many others. With our Hyderabad office and manuscript acquisition services, we are able to source and publish independent authors from India, South Asia and around the world.

Our four key core functions are Sales, Marketing, Professional Development and Customer Service. Sales represents the lifeblood of a successful self help book publishing business. The primary function of sales is to raise funds to pay for the production costs of writing and distribution of the books. Marketing is integral to attracting the attention of readers and retailers. We develop marketing campaigns and promotional packages to attract new customers and build long term relationships with retailers and other third parties.

Inspirational Book Publishing Facts

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Professional development helps authors to stay abreast of emerging trends and improve their business skills so that they can compete successfully against other similar publishers. This is done by regularly publishing insightful material on subjects of mutual interest to the company and its customers. Customer service is a way of maintaining positive relations with customers so that they continue to do business with the company. A customer can be assured of a favorable experience if they receive prompt, efficient service from a publishing house.

Every inspirational publisher knows that good writers want to be published by a publishing house that is genuinely Christian and has a strong Christian conscience. In addition, these publishing houses often encourage diversity and inclusiveness. They have policies concerning sexual orientation and allow authors to write about anything that they choose. When searching for your first-time author, don’t be afraid to seek diversity and inclusiveness. In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your customers can find you, and if your customers can’t find you, they won’t bother to look.

If you’re an aspiring Christian author who wants to see your book published, it would behoove you to work with an exemplary Christian book publishing company. You’ll need to do some background research on potential publishing houses. Visit their websites and see what they publish. Find out what types of books they typically publish (hormonal teen novels? ).

In The End

In the United States, there are several national companies that specialize in Christian writing, including Harcourt and Doubleday. There are also regional distributors in Texas and North Carolina. Some of the national distributors are Impact publishing, Share Publishing, and Skyline Publications. To contact a particular distributor, type “Christian novels” in the search engine. Harcourt has direct lines of communication with many authors and editors.

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