Inspirational Flash Movies That Can Help Students In Study Time

inspirational flash movies

Many of these movies are available on YouTube, but you can also find some on You Tube as well. If you are into short inspirational videos that tend to get the heart pumping, then you may enjoy watching these movies. Below are some of my favorites.

More About The Movie

This is a short inspirational movie, and like many others has a lot of humor to it. The main character in this movie is called Mr. Mackie, and he has a rather large vocabulary. He tries to impart his positive thoughts on those who listen to him. You will definitely get some positive thoughts after watching this movie. It has excellent music as well.

This is actually the same video that was mentioned above. The difference is that this film actually has a lot more depth to it than the previous one did. In this one, Howard Gardner is an author, speaker, and consultant who try to help those who are having problems with multiple intelligences. He claims to be able to talk to people from multiple intelligences, as well as understand things about technology, cooking, and other topics.

Content Delivers Great Positive Thinking Tips

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This is a very entertaining video with some really great positive thinking tips in it. The main character is identified as Chris Buck, and he is a teacher at a private school. He uses a form of positive thinking in order to help students pass their tests. A minute video focusing on positive thinking will certainly help students with their test anxiety.

This one has a lot of scientific jargon in it. Although the video features Dr. Larry Dossey, a prominent author and brain scientist. However, the language is easy to understand, and the explanation of brain science makes sense. The three-minute video features Dr. Dossey is talking about how there is an unhelpful stereotype when it comes to dealing with multiple intelligences, and how is accepting the fact that others might have different traits and can be very smart. It also helps to illustrate what he means by brain science by showing examples of various experiments that he has conducted.

Good Video And Audio Content

This one has a lot of good video and audio content that goes into brain science. It starts off with a look at what brain science is, and how it relates to the different areas of science. Then there is a look at what Dr. Dossey has done with respect to brain science, and how he uses what he knows to help people with their study and decision making skills. A good summary of the material would be to view the short article linked below for additional information regarding this study.

Finally, the third short video discussed below is titled, “3 Minutes to Learn Brain Science.” The video starts out with a man talking about a previous experience in which he had difficulty with accepting things that were true.

Final Words

As you can see, each of these three videos offers something different. They do a good job at introducing and helping students understand the basics of how studying and critical thinking can help them succeed. The short video linked below goes into more detail on how these concepts are applied in life. The final video deals with how thinking positively affects performance in school and work situations. It also helps students understand why positive thinking should be encouraged rather than ignored or criticized during critical thinking sessions with instructors or other students.

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