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inspirational leadership stories

Haier’s Management System has now helped it become the sixth-largest manufacturer of home appliances. Haier had a total of 4% in the global market share. And was dominantly manufacturing and distributing refrigerators and air conditioners. But who made this possible? Well, the main key behind the huge success of the brand was Zhang, the CEO of Haier. Among inspirational leadership stories, you can listen to, the changes made by Mr. Zhang in this popular company have one of the practical stories that will eventually inspire you to become a leader.

Inspirational Leadership Stories From Haier

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Zhang bought huge profits for the company. He introduced a lot of innovative techniques to improve creativity and boost productivity. For instance, there were always colored footprints placed on each of Haier’s factories. An employee who didn’t perform well in a particular month or period was made to stand on the yellow footprint and explain to the other employee about their reason for their poor performance and their plans to improve themselves. On the other hand, an employee who had done an exceptional job was made to stand on the red footprint and tell other employees how and why he performed so well. 

Improvement And Evidence

During this period, Haier began exporting goods to a lot of countries. Haier began selling its refrigerators and air conditioners overseas when it first began internationalization. As the internationalization grew, Haier began selling small refrigerators to a different company that was Welbilt Appliances that would further distribute their appliances to both local stores and huge chains like Target and Walmart. Haier’s main business was refrigerators and air conditioners that were mainly sold to offices. Offices and Student Dorm rooms where small refrigerators were needed, was Haier’s main venture. Then, Haier started selling big appliances. In the year 2000, Haier built its first manufacturing plant in the state of South California. Not much later, in the year 2001, Haier opened its headquarters in New York. Haier sold majority refrigerators which were priced at the same amount as their rival companies. But what helped Haier increase business and have great sales was their innovative and different designs. They wisely added unique features that were designed according to the customer’s needs. 

Mr. Zhang’s Leadership

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There is no doubt that Haier has seen exceptional results under the leadership of Mr. Zhang. One of the many reasons behind their huge success was that the company was always open to innovation. Being open to innovation was the main motto in Haier’s business strategy. Furthermore, Mr. Zhang has implemented great strategies to bring out the best of every employee without letting any talent go to waste. In the company, the employees were always encouraged to be innovative. 


Not just the managers or higher-level management, but every single employee was encouraged to be more innovative. Haier will continue to expand grow more popular in the coming years. Their business strategies and management techniques are what will help them become even more huge than the company already is. 

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