Inspirational NetFlix Movies For People Who Want To Be Better

inspirational netflix movies

What is it that attracts you to the inspirational NetFlix movies and TV show? It seems that some of them are so attractive, people are compelled to watch them. Some people have even gone to the extreme and have ordered them online in order to watch them when they cannot make it to a movie house. What is it about these inspirational NetFlix movies that have gained such popularity? Is it because of the stories, the messages, the style of presentation, or some other reason?

The Irene

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One of the most common stories that are shown is “Irene”, which was made famous by Idina herself. It is about a young girl who was just a little girl, walking down the street with her friends when a mysterious stranger offered her one dollar worth of candy. This stranger would not allow her to leave with the money but offered to take her in his car and show her the way to his house. When the girl refused this offer, the stranger became very irate and began to insult her. She tried to run away from him, but he followed her to the front lawn of her home, where he proceeded to demand the one dollar from her.

Inspirational Movies Can Touch The Hearts of People

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This is an excellent example of how inspirational NetFlix movies can touch even the most cynical person. All it takes is a little faith and a lot of courage to follow what is being asked of you. In this case, the courage to reject the offer and follow the old lady down the street to her home. It is not a movie that will take you into a fantasy world, but it will bring you closer to reality. It tells the story of someone who was so lost and poor that she decided to give up on the dream of having anything for herself and turn to the one thing that would lift her spirit and hope: herself.

Benefits of Inspirational Netflix Movies

Inspirational NetFlix movies and TV shows are not all about robots and aliens taking over the world. There are movies with messages that speak to our better natures. There are movies that deal with issues like drug addiction and teenage pregnancy and divorce. There are also inspirational movies about other human issues, such as the daily battles with weight and self-esteem.

Types of Netflix Movies

In fact, NetFlix has several different types of movies and TV shows that tap into the human spirit. For instance, one movie that talks about addiction and recovery are No Way But Love. This is a movie about two lovers who get addicted to each other but cannot seem to overcome their addiction. Eventually, they find hope when they discover a Christian rehabilitation program.

The message in this movie is that while one drug addiction might seem easy to beat if you do not fully embrace Christianity, you will not be able to beat your addiction. Another movie that talks about overcoming addictions are Rehab. This movie stars Will Smith as a man who returns to college to get his degree after being out of rehab for three years. He then finds out that the one thing that he really wanted was another chance at success, and now that he has, he is able to go back to school and get his degree.

The Commonness of Inspirational Movies

All of these inspirational movies have one thing in common; they are uplifting and motivational. They speak to the values that we should have in life and they help us to see how we can grow and become better people. This can make a positive difference in our lives and it helps to keep us on the right path.


Movies like Inspirational Netflix movies are some of the best options available to users. The inspirational message in them keeps users on the right track. It can even inspire a person to reach his or her maximum goal. It is true that some people are better off staying away from the world and just focusing on their goals. However, inspirational movies are still a form of entertainment that can keep viewers interested in what is going on in their lives. So, if you ever need to find something to keep you motivated, look no further than an inspirational movie.

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