Inspirational Stories About God – Read to Improve Yourself

inspirational stories about God

Inspirational stories about God are those that can help teach children or others about the importance of following God in life. There are many inspirational stories that deal with religious themes. Some of these stories include:

A Look at The Bible by John Piper

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This is a story about a young boy who was thrown out of church for stealing. Although he had done some things that were wrong, he was also found carrying money and gold that belonged to a devil. He was eventually forgiven and returned to the right path.

A Time of Prayer by Donna Eden


This is a story of a young girl who was very shy and scared of funerals. She hid away because she didn’t want to be around people until she was old enough to go to one. She later became a great artist and learned to be confident speaking in front of people. In this inspirational stories about God, she tells how God motivated her to become the best person she could be.

You Should Be Kind by David Green

This is a story of two teenage boys who grew up in poverty and were very unfortunate in their lives. They are given the opportunity to have their own lives when they grow up. It shows them the value of helping other people and also the importance of treating people with kindness.

The Blind Side by Patrick McGee

This is an inspirational story about God story that talks about how he went from being overweight to being a very thin man. It also talks about how his wife lost her job because he was so overweight. Eventually, he managed to get his self-esteem back and pursue his dream of going to college.

Love It or Leave it by Tim Minchin

This is an inspirational story about God story that features a couple who gets divorced and later remarry. It is full of good lessons on how to get out of any relationship that doesn’t serve you. If you are having troubles in your current relationship, this book can help you deal with those issues. It gives you a message that says, “When you leave it, you will be leaving something.”

When You Were a Kid by Michael Moore

This is a collection of his many stories that talk about the struggle of growing up. He takes a look at the racial divide in the United States, the way the media has treated black and white people, and even highlights the lack of support for gay marriage in many states. He ends the book by giving a powerful speech about love and faith.

These are just some of the inspirational stories about God that people have heard throughout the years. Some of them may not always have been what they first expected them to be. Regardless, many people find that they can benefit greatly from hearing these kinds of stories. They can teach you a lot about how to handle life but also can inspire you to do great things.

Some Best Books

Christian books have some very popular inspirational stories about God. If you want to continue to learn about God, this is a great place to start. There are so many great books on this subject written by authors like John Piper and Thomas M. Nelson. You will find many books written by these well-known authors that will inspire you to become a better person. These books will encourage you to live as much as possible for God. Many times these books will inspire you to go out and serve others.

Christian books about inspirational stories about God can also come in the form of song. As previously mentioned, there are many popular Christian songs that have been written about inspirational messages about God. These songs have been known to touch people’s hearts. People are inspired to want to follow Jesus because of these songs. They want to follow Jesus because of how he talks and teaches.

One of the best inspirational stories about God involves an angel falling from the sky. The narrator states that as this happened, an impact was felt as the people around them were shaken to their core. It was then when they began to look up and see the angel fall. Another popular inspirational story about God has to do with the resurfacing of the dead. There are many who believe that when someone is ready to be raised again, they will rise from the dead.


Christian books on inspirational stories about God have been proven to be a great way to inspire people to follow Jesus. You may want to start your collection today. There are many great inspirational tales available today that will inspire you. Take advantage of this time for all of the good you will be doing for those who love Jesus. Remember to live as if Jesus is looking over you.

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