Inspirational Stories In Real Life To Know About

Inspirational Stories in Real Life

Do you feel depressed because nothing seems to be working well in your life? If that is the case, then it is time for you to get some motivation. Inspiration and motivation is not something that comes easy, and that is why you would love to get knowledge about some of the inspirational stories in real life. Do not have any of these stories handy? Well, here are some which will surely cheer you up. Not only that, but you will get up with great gusto and feel like you can achieve anything in life.

Story Of A Sports Star

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A young boy was got into a fire accident in school and was almost on the verge of death. The doctors failed to give hope and said even if he did survive, he would be a complete cripple for life. The fire was horrific enough to ruin the lower portion of the body, but he hoped to get up one day. Even when he survived, he had thin, lifeless legs which just dangled under his waist. He was in a wheelchair, and one day she started trying to get up. He fell innumerable times but did not give up. Little by little, he could finally get up and dragged himself along the fence. His resolution to walk finally worked, and he could stand up and walk all by himself. Gradually he even got the determination to run, and this boy grew up to be Dr.Glenn Cunningham, who ran the fastest mile in the world at Madison Square Garden in 1934.

Story Of The Entrepreneur- Inspirational Stories In Real Life

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This is the story of a young guy who had an abusive childhood and was troubled all the time. His parents were divorced, and his stepfather used to beat them black and blue. His stepfather allegedly made him convicted for false reasons twice, and he stayed in a foster home once he was 8. He also had a bad first marriage because he wanted to be in his medical career. He even failed in his job as an equipment salesman, and his girlfriend left him because of the financial crisis he was going through. He was completely homeless and stayed at motels and airports. But this is the same guy who grew up to be Chris Gardener, the C.E.O and founder of Christopher Garner International Holdings.

The Software Engineer No One Wanted

In the year 2009, this software engineer could not get a job because none wanted to hire him. He had years of experience in Yahoo and Apple computers, and companies like Twitter and Facebook consistently turned him down. Later on, he collaborated with another Yahoo alumni and created a messaging application. It is the same one that we know in the name of Whatsapp. In the year 2014, Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook for 19 billion dollars, and this guy is none other than Brian Acton, whose net worth is 3.8billion dollars.


These are some of the most amazing inspirational stories in real life that will motivate you to be better every day. These people rose from the ashes, and so can you!

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