Inspirational Thought For A Contest Entry

inspirational thought for a contest

Inspirational thought for a contest is one of the best ways to inspire the other contestants to excel beyond their normal performance levels. If there is one person in your group that has a greater level of ability than all of you, why not let them inspire the rest of the class? Let us explore some great ideas to inspire others to bring their A game to the contest.

Take Your Time

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– Take the time to personally express to each of the other who you feel may have an extra edge and how they could ‘wow’ the judges at the contest. There are many instances where we witness people’s abilities on a contest panel and we see them perform to the best of their ability. Yet when we watch the same people perform at a subsequent contest, we sometimes see a marked difference in their performance. Let us find out how you can ‘accomplish’ at the contest.

– Always be confident. Confidence in one’s own self is contagious. Make a positive impression of yourself in front of others by sharing with them your goals and achievements. This will give others something to ‘wonder’ about, and you are sure to inspire them to do the same.

Look For The Humor

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There is a certain art to humor. Everyone loves a good laugh, and we can certainly add some levity to a presentation by showing others what kind of jokes you are capable of telling. When you get the chance, also share some of the jokes you have written down to add a touch of personal humor. This is also a good opportunity to ‘make a crack’ at your opponents, thus adding some much needed humor to the proceedings.

– Speak with confidence. It’s always a good idea to be sure that you are projecting an image of confidence and competence when you speak in front of the contest judges. You don’t need to exceed their expectations in order to win the contest, but your voice must exude a sense of well being and competence – and you can do that by ‘showing others how it’s done’.

– Do not be afraid to think outside the box. Inspirational thinking can also extend into the realm of the out-of-the-box. Judges may be more impressed with creativity than with pure logic or solid strategy. Consider all your options, and you should be able to come up with a winning strategy that is based on your personality and interests.

Be Daring! Dare To Be Different

This goes beyond being afraid to try something new. Dare to challenge convention. If you win a contest, it doesn’t mean you necessarily have to follow through on all your plans – just take that extra step!

– Have some balls! Dare to be over-the-top in your presentation. There is no such thing as too much self-confidence. Remember that judges are also presenters and that there are limits to what they can see. Boldness can pay off – and it can also backfire if you show some disinterest or boredom while presenting!

– Consider the audience. What are their needs, and how are they likely to view the project? There is no point in designing a contest that will fail to address these concerns; remember that the contest is meant to entertain and improve people’s lives!

Last W

These tips will help you when you are designing a competition entry. Remember that there is no right or wrong answer. It is all up to you. Just take that first step!

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