Must-Read Inspirational Stories Hope During Despair

Inspirational Stories Hope

There’s always a time in our lives when the future may seem blurry, or even impossible. It’s normal to get down sometimes. What matters is if you stay down, or get up and fight for that future you believe in. These are some inspirational stories to give you hope. They are easy to understand and the morals are clear.

The Elephant And The Rope

Once, a man passed through an elephant camp. One thing amazed the man. All elephants were each being held by a piece of rope tied to their legs. The elephants were big enough to break away from the rope with just the littlest of efforts.

The man asked one of the trainers in the camp the logic behind this scenario. The trainer, in response, explained that the elephants were being held by the same piece of rope since they were small. Then, the piece of rope was enough to hold them. As they grow, they continue to believe that the rope is strong enough to hold them, therefore, they never try to break away.

The moral of the story is to never give up, no matter the situation. The littlest effort may make just the difference. Don’t give up hope.

The Deaf Frog

A view of a mountain

Some frogs were walking in the forest. A deep pit then swallowed two of them. The other frogs then assessed the situation. Realizing how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs there was no way they could get out; they should just give up instead.

After trying to jump out for a bit, one of the two frogs listened to the other frogs and jumped to his death. The second frog however kept trying and trying till he eventually got out.

When asked why the frog kept trying despite the discouragement from the other frogs, the frog indicated that he could not hear. Since he was deaf, he thought their words of discouragement were those of encouragement.

People’s words do have effects on other people’s lives. However, regardless of the words of discouragement you may be faced with, be hopeful that if you keep trying your best, you will eventually get there.

The Boy And The Puppy

A man once advertised some puppies for sale on a sign. A little boy came along and asked to see the puppies. Upon display, the boy noted that there was one who could not jump and run as well as the others. Asking what was wrong, the owner told the boy that the dog was born with a condition that caused it to always limp.

The boy then settled to buy the lame dog, but the owner kept trying to discourage him against it; telling the boy he would rather give him instead. He again pointed out that the dog could not run well. The boy then exposed his leg to the owner. Alas, the boy had a crippled leg supported by a brace. The boy told the owner that he could not run well as well, hence why he settled to buy the limping puppy.


Various inspirational stories exist. Reading some of them during times of despair may be just what we need to give us hope. Hence, we discuss some inspiration stories that give hope.

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