Stories Of People Who Failed To Succeed -

Stories Of People Who Failed To Succeed

There are many Success Stories of People who have failed to achieve their goals. The stories tell us that if we want to achieve anything, we must start off with the belief that we will succeed and only then start working hard towards it.

Stories Of People: Case 1

Successful people who failed often make it a point to thank God for saving them from failure. These people, in turn, would spread the word and invite others to adopt a similar approach.

It is a part of the Success Story of People who failed because they got this deep respect from the Lord. But, when you approach success and you want to reach the top position of the ladder, it will be very difficult for you. It will take courage and discipline.

Stories Of People Who Failed To Succeed
Stories Of People Who Failed To Succeed

In the Success Story of People who failed, there is a reference to applying the practice of stop and start attitude. When you see that the bar is very high, and you don’t know how to climb up; then stop all work and sit quietly and listen to the people, who have been there before you.

The people will tell you that they have done all the same things that you are doing now, but, in their own way. This will help you to be motivated and ready to tackle the next climb up.

While we are on the subject of the Success Story of People who failed, the story of Failure-to-Success is a success story in itself. It is a case study, which explores how people fail and how they overcome their challenges.

However, the people in the case study are five people. They were recruited as representatives of people who failed in their life. These people were asked to make it what they would like to become after a series of activities. This was conducted by five people of the group of people who succeeded.

Stories Of People Who Failed To Succeed
Stories Of People Who Failed To Succeed

Food For Thought

The second Success Story of People who failed involves the story of Jonathon (not his real name), who was a stockbroker. Jonathon failed to turn up on time to work after he had become a father.

As he got old, he realized that his family business was not doing well; he wanted to retire at the earliest. However, he had never faced any problem to go for a break or a vacation.

However, after being told about the way his father faced his struggles in his younger days, Jonathon decided to go back to his family business, where he used to work earlier. But, he had no idea on how to work there.

That was when a friend came to him, who introduced him to one of the successful people in the business. He was asked to join the company as an entrepreneur and found it to be very interesting.

So, the story of Jonathon is all about how he was able to overcome his failures by developing self-discipline. In the succeeding years, Jonathon worked hard to continue with his father’s footsteps. Finally, he achieved the success of his father.

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