Success Stories Business Related To Know

Success Stories Business Related To Know

Starting your own business is not very easy. Therefore, it is vital to hear some success stories of the entrepreneurs. It will help you to learn and know. Further, the success stories will help you in all the matters relating to business. Therefore, we have listed some success stories business related to help you out.

Also, it is essential to know that all business, whether small or big have their challenges. Thus, understanding them will help you.

Spark Vision, Founded By Marybeth Hyland

Spark Vision, established by Marybeth Hyland to aid offices. Further, the company helps in building and maintaining office cultures. Thus, it provides workshops. Thereby educating people on the importance of work culture.

Success Stories Business Related To Know
Success Stories Business Related To Know

However, she had an abusive childhood. Therefore, to connect with people, she made use of her own experiences. Further, she believes that her experience helped her in building her business.

Zoom, Founded By Eric Yuan

Eric Yuan came to the US after being rejected visa for eight times. Further, he worked there in Silicon Valley. Furthermore, Eric established Zoom. He states that Zoom was a solution to the long drive of 10 hours. Since people had to travel for business meetings. Thereby, zoom provides a solution for the same.

Further, Zoom is now used by over 7,50.000 companies. Since it aids in connecting people through video calls.

Halfaker & Associates, Founded By Dawn Halfaker

Halfaker & Associates deals with data analytics and cybersecurity for the federal government. However, the company was wounded in combat in Iraq. But the company never stopped working. Thus, it continued to work with other contractors.

Night Owl Cleaning Services, Founded By Arlete Turturro

Arlete Turturro started with a fashion designing degree. However, it did not turn out to be good. Further, she acquired a real estate license. But found no success.

Subsequently, she started night owl cleaning services which were a great hit. Further, the company provides services like commercial cleaning, party attendants, emergency services, and more.

Also, Turturro has been awarded the Women Of The Year award in 2004. Thereby making quite a great success story.

Gooroo, Founded By Scott Lee

Gooroo is a popular website for doing your assignments. Since the site provides help in doing your admission essays. Further, it aids in SAT exam preparation too. Also, the company has about one thousand tutors.

Success Stories Business Related To Know
Success Stories Business Related To Know

However, Lee started with an online retail company. But the start-up was not impressive. Thus, leading to the closure of the company. Further, he also served as an advisor for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. But, he was keen on education and thus started Gooroo.

Red Rabbit, Founded By Rhys Powell

Red Rabbit started in 2005 aims at providing healthy and nutrients rich food to the children. Thus, the company collaborates with different schools. So to provide affordable food for the children.

However, the initial plan was making parents order food online, which would be delivered at the school. But, the plan did not work out. Since this involved colossal cost. Further, parents were not able to build their trust in the company.

Therefore, they opted for the other plan. Thereby making schools their customers.

We hope that these success stories inspire you.

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