Success Stories Losing Weight – That Is How You Break Sweat

Success Stories Losing Weight - That Is How You Break Sweat

Losing weight can be a frustrating task. When you look at your thin friends stuffing all they want and never gain an inch, you begin to envy them and start hating yourself. But have you read about overweight people sharing their success stories losing weight? If not, scroll down the page and get some inspiration. The next time you look at yourself, you will feel motivation bubbling within you.

Tiffany Erin Humphries

This lady had been struggling with her weight for fifteen long years. Every time she asked the flight attendant for a seat belt extender, she felt embarrassed until one day she decided to do something about it. She felt the need to lead a healthy life and watch her daughter grow up. In the year 2016, she joined Weight Watchers and actively lost weight by jogging and running. At present, she runs 5 km marathons and is leading her joyous life.

Dara Sarshuri’ Success Stories Losing Weight

Success Stories Losing Weight - That Is How You Break Sweat
Success Stories Losing Weight – That Is How You Break Sweat

This man weighed 390 pounds in February 2018. After he realized his unhealthy weight, he thought of undergoing gastric bypass surgery. However, the surgery required him to lose a few pounds before going for the operation. He started walking as his exercise and eventually koi we a gym and lost a hundred pounds by June 2018. After noticing this marked improvement, he decided against the surgery. Being consistent with his efforts helped him shed several pounds and attain a healthy body weight. Today, he can successfully perform planks, burpees, and planks and takes pride in his achievements. 

Kristen McLaughlin

After college life put her under pressure, Kristen McLaughlin became sedentary. Things were more difficult after she started dating an obese guy. With no activity and lots of junk food, Kristen began gaining weight. She would rarely cook and would order piles of pizza and fries along with her boyfriend. In 2016, she joined Jenny Craig and managed to lose 60 pounds. However, due to the unhealthy habits of her boyfriend, she could not carry on the fitness program and went back to her unhealthy lifestyle.

Things took a turn in 2017 when her boyfriend left her and started dating someone else. It was then that she decided to take charge of her life and broke up with the guy in December. She joined Jenny Craig again and got rid of all of her excuses. Over the following years, she lost 133 pounds and practiced mindful eating. She found her love in weight training and fed herself home-cooked meals. Now, she believes herself to be more confident and social than she was 30 years ago. She has etched her name in one of the many success stories losing weight, hasn’t she?

Success Stories Losing Weight - That Is How You Break Sweat
Success Stories Losing Weight – That Is How You Break Sweat

James Johnson’ Success Stories Losing Weight

This guy tried dieting to lose weight but was successful only partially. He had lost weight thrice but gained it every time he cut slack on his routine. But things changed after he was diagnosed with lupus and gained 100 pounds. Afraid of his life-threatening medical condition, he decided to stay consistent with his efforts and gave his body time to heal. He began practicing healthy diets and went to the gym regularly. With the help of Lose It! App, he tracked his calories, his exercise routines and also planned his personal goals. He knew weight loss is a slow process and patiently worked on it. Six months later, he lost a whopping 100 pounds. He made sure the fat never got back again by staying true to his healthy lifestyle.


These success stories losing weight are sure to inspire anyone. Which story inspires you the most? If you, too, want to improve your body image, break some sweat, and get going!

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