Success Stories Of Different Firms For Inspiration


Success stories have played an essential role in a person’s life since childhood. Also, parents teach their children to do something right by providing them with examples of those people who do those things. Moreover, people are good at adopting something when they see others doing it. So, these success stories are a way of showing people that they can also achieve their desired goals if they stay focused. So, here, the article highlights some of the success stories of firms that grew up from nothing.

Success Stories: Airbnb

The primary purpose of the website is to provide night stay for the people who could not get regular hotel bookings. Joe Gebbia founded Airbnb in 2007 with his roommate in San Francisco. However, the idea at the beginning included constant earnings for the people offering their house. Moreover, the generation of the idea started when they rented the living room of their apartment for one night and breakfast. Eventually, they decided to spread the business in the United States with initial funding from Y Combinator in 2009.

Success Stories Of Different Firms For Inspiration
Success Stories Of Different Firms For Inspiration

Also, the success stories of the business encouraged the founders to expand it internationally. Moreover, the higher earnings of the website were from commission earned from bookings from both sides. So, by 2018, Airbnb had become famous globally.

Success Stories: Uber

A group of computer programmers, including Garrett Camp, had to pay a hefty amount for a ride back home from a party. So, Camp and his friends decided that sharing a trip would reduce the amount per person. Moreover, they even generated an app that would help people in finding appropriate rides. Travis Kalanick also helped Camp by providing funds in 2007, and they together started the Uber business in San Francisco. Eventually, they came up with many other features, such as food delivery, Uberpool, and UberX. These ideas not only helped them earn more but also to promote their business globally.

Uber sold the rights to China in 2016 due to extreme competition in the country. However, the company had to face a lot of criticism from taxi drivers because, ultimately, they took their business. Moreover, there are still many places that do not allow Uber to enter their city for fear of losing business.

Success Stories Of Different Firms For Inspiration
Success Stories Of Different Firms For Inspiration

Motivation Is Must

The main focus of these success stories is that no idea is smaller, and a person can use any purpose. However, in the stories, the founders had the plus point of receiving the funds on time. Moreover, these days, there are many people interested in investing, as their small funding can grow into a large business at any time.

Thus, there are numerous success stories from different areas which lead to believe that a person can achieve anything if they work hard. So, keeping these people as role models would motivate a person. Moreover, a person can use their failures as learnings and try to avoid their mistakes. In very rare cases, people would get such ready examples for their set-up. So, a person should completely use all the known facts of these success stories.

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