Success Stories With IUI- How It Works?


Intrauterine insemination is one of the best methods in which fertility problems resolve. It is an advanced form of technology and is highly successful. But the procedure of intrauterine insemination is complicated, which is why people can be skeptical. Today we are mostly going to talk about the Success Stories Of IUI and how it works. Once you read through the entire write up, you will be able to understand the ways that increase the chances of pregnancy. 

Estimation Of Pregnancy Chances- Success Stories Of IUI

Most of the women have a 20% chance of getting pregnant with the intrauterine insemination program. Because it takes more than one opportunity to conceive, which is why you should have long term faith in the procedure. Pregnancy rates of fertile couples are similar to the infertile couples who go for intrauterine insemination. The more cycles of insemination you have, the better it is for your pregnancy. It is because women with six cycles have the chances of 80% conception.

Success Stories With IUI- How It Works?
Success Stories With IUI- How It Works?

 The success rate of insemination will depend on the fallopian tube, the age of the women, as well as sperm. The sperm should have at least 5 million total counts, and the fallopian duct should be open.

Talking about age, it is one of the significant factors of the success rate  IUI. In most of the fertility procedures, it is ideal for the woman to be under 35 years of age. Below 35, there is a 20% chance of pregnancy, and between 35 to 40, there is a 10% chance. But if you are 40 and above, it is very likely to have a 5% chance of conception. 

Favourable News

The best news about intrauterine insemination is that many people have a fair chance of getting pregnant. If you follow the procedures correctly and also include fertility drugs, it is likely to be successful. It is always an excellent option to go for in vitro fertilization for women over 35 years. You can also take some fertility drugs like letrozole and Clomid, which will help in the ovulation process. 

The Procedure- Success Stories Of IUI

One of the best secrets to intrauterine insemination success is preparing the sperm sample. It is because the week sperms get eliminated from the healthy sperm, and the strong ones come in contact. All the toxin elimination happens from the semen and sperm so that there is no allergic reaction. In case any allergic reaction occurs, it can be harmful to the fetus.

Success Stories With IUI- How It Works?
Success Stories With IUI- How It Works?

Many women have been able to get pregnant with the help of this procedure, and it is an affordable treatment. That is the reason why you will be here a lot of positive reactions to it, but you need patience. You cannot expect this procedure to become successful at the first sitting, and with the time, you will be able to get the results. Now that you know about the success stories with IUI, you should not be afraid to try yourself. 

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