Success Story In Hindi: Back To Basics

Success Story In Hindi: Back To Basics

The success story in Hindi literature is a story of struggle, perseverance, and sacrifice. The hero and heroine in Hindi are the hero’s wife, Subhadra; her daughter, Duryodhana; and the hero’s mother, Saraswati, who give her all that she needs to survive in a harsh environment.

Subhadra’s mother had been a faithful and dutiful woman but was not allowed to take care of the family by her husband. She was a faithful servant but was not allowed to work. When she was unable to support the family financially, the king of the village approached the king of Rajasthan to request his help. This request of the king was granted but only if Subhadra would marry him. You can also visit the page

Know About The Success Story In Hindi

Subhadra and her family were forced to leave Rajasthan because the king did not agree with her marriage. The next day, the king gave the order for their return. They returned, but they discovered that the king had taken away their wealth and their homes.

Subhadra and her daughter were not interested in marrying another Brahmin. The king and queen of that time arranged for Subhadra to marry another Brahmin, Jai Singh.

Commencement Of Success Story In Hindi
Commencement Of Success Story In Hindi

Jai Singh did not like the idea of marrying a Hindu and so he married her son. As she was a Hindu, she had problems. She was still treated as a servant. She went on a hunger strike, and when the king made another offer to marry her again, she rejected it and was banished from the royal court.

The Best Success Story In Hindi

After she was banished, Jai Singh married Subhadra. Her son lived peacefully with his father. The family lived happily and Subhadra was proud of her son.

As time went on, Jai Singh grew very rich but Subhadra was not satisfied. She wanted her husband to give her everything she deserved. So she asked the king to marry her daughter. However, he did not have the heart to do so. He did offer her the throne, but only if she and her son were willing to marry a Brahmin.

So Subhadra chose the king over the Brahmin, and thus, she became a Brahmin. Her son was given the wealth of Rajasthan by her father. Subhadra was now called “Brahma” in Hindi.

Many Stories of Kings And Queens

Subhas’s son was known as “Shah Jahan”, which means “the great lord” in Hindi. Subha did not mind this and in fact was very happy. Subha also had lots of servants that helped her to rule her kingdom.

Commencement Of Success Story In Hindi
Commencement Of Success Story In Hindi

There are many stories of kings and queens from Rajasthan ruling Jaipur. The first lady of Jaipur was Subeda.

Some people think that Subeda was one of the greatest kings of India, but some others say that it was her younger brother who reigned as Raja Jai Singh II, who did reign as the great lord of Rajasthan. and was a much respected ruler.

When Raja Jai Singh II died, his son was married off to the widow of Raja Jai Singh II, and the name is now known as Jai Singh, and she became the mother of Jai Singh II. Jai Singh II’s son married a beautiful woman of Rajasthan named Sawai Manjishtha, and she became his wife. Jai Singh II was not satisfied with her dowry, but instead, the king gave her gold coins.

Bottom Line

There are many more commencement of the tales of success stories in Hindi. A person will never be able to know all of them but by reading the books written in Hindi, you can learn some interesting facts about the life and times of Rajasthan, and its rich people. One of the most interesting tales is of the Maharajah of Rajasthan, Jaipur.

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