The Best Books to Read While Travelling

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Another one of the best books to read while traveling is “A Time To Kill” by John Grisham. This novel has everything you could ever want from a travel story. It starts in Las Vegas and takes the reader to Egypt, Greece, and Italy. It’s set in two years which is amazing since it is a novel based on the first two years of Diana’s illustrious career as a crown princess. She is an incredible woman who has had such a remarkable life that she is considered a saint. The darkness surrounds her, but it is definitely worth the ride because of its sheer drama.

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A short history of the world can be found in “The Things They Left Behind” by Christopher Moore. This is a short history of almost everything that has happened to humankind. We learn about the civilizations, wars, inventions, philosophies, crimes, and everything else happening in the world. This is my favorite of all Fahrenheit Books, and this is a must-read book if you are a fan of history.

One of the must-read books next to “A Time To Kill” and “The Things They Left Behind” is “The Island of Fear” by George Orwell. This is a tale of a war fought between the English and the German in World War II. The story is told through the eyes and thoughts of an individual named Winston Churchill. This was one of the most important books and is highly regarded by many people worldwide.

“The Day After Pearl Harbor” by Arnold Bennett is another must-read book that deals with the aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor. This book was written before the attack took place. You get to learn the entire story just as Winston Churchill’s grandfather hid information concerning the attack and its repercussions from all the different American military men stationed there.

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Last but not the least is “The Joys of War: A Memoir of the Second World War” by George Ball. If you are travelling around with your family, this is the perfect choice to make when it comes to choosing the best books to read while travelling. As you read along, you will discover the experiences of both the allied and the enemy forces and George Ball will reveal his innermost thoughts regarding the Second World War.

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