The Power Of Inspiring Stories

inspirational stories of gratitude

The power of gratitude lies in the fact that it is a feeling we develop inside ourselves and then radiate outward to others. If we feel grateful for what we have now, we will naturally wish more success for our future and be excited at the opportunities that beckon. This provides us with an enormous amount of power. Through the stories of inspirational wisdom we can cultivate this power and use it to enrich our lives.

Those who know how to develop this feeling of gratitude will recognize how others respond to you and your behavior. When you are grateful you tend to smile more and people are drawn toward you. As you smile they will smile back, your mood will become friendlier, and you will find it easier to get along with others.

Help Boost Productivity In The Workplace


The inspirational power of stories has been shown to help boost productivity in the workplace. In addition, studies have shown that employees who are consistently reminded of their worth by a kind word from someone high up in the company tend to outperform those who are not. This phenomenon is even more pronounced for women.

One study demonstrated that women who are surrounded by people expressing positive remarks about them increase their production output ten percent compared to those who are left to themselves. Similarly, it has been proven that workers who are regularly given stories regarding their accomplishments experience an eight percent increase in their productivity. That’s pretty amazing!

Give Hope And Comfort

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There are many inspiring stories that give hope and comfort. Some of these stories include: When Little Pea entered the world; A Girl’s Guide to Writing; The Power Pause; and, Let It Snow. The stories in this collection are each written by a top inspirational writer. All of these stories illustrate the importance of being thankful and visualizing your success.

Many people listen to inspiring stories read aloud by a loved one or friend. Such stories can touch our hearts and inspire us to be more productive. They can also motivate us to make an effort to follow what we are reading and to write our own motivating stories. Inspirational books give us a wonderful opportunity to share what we have learned by listening to other people’s stories.

They Are Usually Short

The most encouraging thing about inspiring stories is that they are usually short. Sometimes we get so caught up in our day to day activities that we fail to stop and look at things that need our attention. When you read inspiring stories, you are less likely to shut out this little part of life because you don’t want to miss out on the story.

The biggest benefit of inspiring stories is that they are true stories. Sometimes we tend to believe stories that other people tell us, whether it is a common childhood story or something that a friend tells you. Sometimes we believe what we read because it has been repeated over again. When you read inspiring stories, you will be able to see the experiences, thoughts, and emotions that inspired the story.


By listening to inspiring stories, you will gain a greater understanding of how life works, and why some things seem to just fall into place. You will be able to see patterns that others have noticed and have used to become successful in their lives. By being inspired by others, you will be inspired to create your own successful life. You may not have realized it but there is a higher power out there that is calling on you to become more positive and change your destiny for the better.

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