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If there is anything we need in the world at the most at this moment, then it is definitely forgiveness. It is rightly said that “To err is human, to forgive divine.” Since we are all humans, we are bound to make mistakes, but the one who forgives them no matter what is the superior one. Here we have a few stories about forgiveness that give inspiration to us, as follows.

Story Number One

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Pascale Kavanagh is a domestic violence survivor. According to her, she never thought she would have relations with her abusive mother in her adulthood again. But fate surely had something else in mind. In 2010, her mother suffered several strokes and injuries because of which she found it difficult and almost impossible to talk or even look after herself. Since there was no one else around to help, Pascale took it upon herself to single handedly take care of her mother, thus turning her hate towards her mother into love. 

Story Number Two

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Jordyn Howe, a teenager grabbed his stepfather’s gun at school and accidentally shot a school mate, Lourdes. He was flexing and showing the firearm to his friends. But surprisingly, the school mate’s parent forgave Jordyn for this grave crime. She also made him get a lighter and less severe punishment, which is truly unbelievable. Jordyn later spent one year in juvenile detention centre, when consequences could have possibly been a lot worse. 

Story Number Three

Mary Hedges, a mother was shopping at a mall with her son. All of a sudden, two boys pushed a shopping cart over her. This resulted in a lot of severe injuries and she suffered a lot. It caused her severe brain injury. It did not just stop to that, she also got blindness in one eye as well as her right foot got amputated. Even after all this happened, the compassionate mother forgave the two boys, saying that it was just an accident.


Through all these stories, we have observed that the one main message is clear: forgiveness over everything. All these victims could have easily taken revenge and avenged their sufferings, pain and sorrow, but they chose the path of forgiveness and non violence instead. This is surely a very important moral for all of us, especially in this brutal, vicious, cruel world of competition, rivalry and envy. We all want to drag others down and get on the top of the world, thus crushing humanity, mankind and compassion in the process. However, there are stories like these that remind us to be kind after all, and remind us that we are all humans in the end. But we should not do such things for which we need to say sorry. Hopefully you like this post and apply a few of the aforementioned points in your own real life as well.

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