Top Inspirational Teacher Stories That You Must Know

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Teachers are like God and they are the ones that teach us to live our life and help us solve the equations of life. They teach us all we know and they also help us grow into successful individuals. All teachers are great and we must cherish each and everyone who has taught us throughout our lives. There are some teachers who have made such a huge impact on the lives of their students that they are remembered by the whole world. 

These inspiring stories leave everyone emotional and they remember everything that their teachers have ever taught them. You must also be thankful to all your teachers who have shaped you into the individual that you are today. These are some inspirational teacher stories that will make you proud of your own teachers. And if you are a teacher then these inspirational teacher stories will make you proud of the community that you belong to.  

Les Brown

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Les Brown is a motivational speaker who is known around the world. He was educable mentally handicapped when he was in school but he was encouraged by one of his teachers to overcome it. He still remembers the time when the teacher told him that people’s perception of him is not his reality and that he can do whatever he likes. This made him what he is today. He still remembers the teacher who told him this and he says that he will always be thankful for his teacher and her encouraging words. 

Emily Blunt

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Emily Blunt is a wonderful actress but you might not be knowing that she had a terrible stutter when she was between 7 to 14 years old. This made her anxious and she never thought that she would get better. One of her teachers in Junior school helped her get over this anxiety by asking her to audition for a play. This made her confident and she finally got her stutter under control.

Maya Angelou

Maya is known as a powerful poet and one of the best social rights activists. She became mute when she was physically harassed by a family member. Her teacher helped her find her voice and made her feel better. She was one of the best poets in history and you must read her poetry. Her teacher shaped up her poetry by introducing her to top poets and writers of the past and made her what she is today. 


These are the top inspirational teacher stories that you must know so that you can also be thankful for your teacher. Teachers are Gods and you must respect them for what they teach you about life and about subjects as well. You must understand that without teachers the world can never progress and since history teachers have been regarded as one of the most important communities.

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