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Movies create a different impact on every person’s life in some way or the other. It can be a source of entertainment to some while for some others it can be the way to change their outlook to life. Movies can become a vehicle for creativity. Movies make you feel stimulated and ebullient, especially at the times when one is going through a tough time.


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  • It helps in releasing nerve-racking emotions:- Inspirational and/or motivational movies play an important role in releasing stressful emotions. It is conspicuous in many cases that these movies act as a therapy in releasing stress, strain, and tension.
  • Best time-pass:- To avoid your boredom, watching movies is one of the best ideas. During weekends, long holidays, people have a lot of leisure time. Watching movies can be one of the best time-passes ever.
  • Source of motivation:- Inspirational movies not only relieves stress but also helps to motivate many people. It helps one to explore various situations and also find ways to overcome the same. It also creates awareness among people regarding many aspects.

Below are some of the best inspirational and/or motivational movies one should definitely watch.


This movie is based on the true story of Chris Gardner, a single father struggling utmost in order to give the best life to his son, Christopher. Chris strives his homelessness while completing his internship at a stockbroker firm and trying to make a living by selling medical scanners which are low in demand.


Based on a true story, Actor Will Smith played the role of Muhammad Ali, wherein it reflected that how he became a true champion and excelled in his field. There is a famous saying by Muhammad Ali which surely inspires many of us; “I AM THE GREATEST. I SAID THAT EVEN BEFORE I KNEW I WAS. I FIGURED THAT IF I SAID IT ENOUGH, I WOULD CONVINCE THE WORLD THAT I REALLY WAS THE GREATEST.”


The movie showed the inspirational life of 50 Cent, the famous rapper and entrepreneur. 50’s mom was murdered when he was just a child. He was unaware and never met his father. When he was young, he entered into the world of drug dealing to pay for his sneakers. But in spite of entering this black world he always dreamt of becoming a famous rapper. He was shot 9 times by some people who did not like what he was doing. The way he recovered from all these, did not give up on his dream and became a world famous rapper is a true inspiration for many of us.


The movie Coach Carter is based on the true story of Ken Carter, who was appointed as a basketball coach at his old high school. He realized that many players had bad and/or poor attitudes both on the court as well as in the class. In order to get rid of this problem, Carter decides to be strict and implement stern rules in order to try and improve the attitude of the players towards their lives.


Castaway is another incredibly motivational movie one has ever seen. This film is about a Fed-Ex Employee, Chuck Noland, who was on a private plane that crashed into the Pacific Ocean. He then found himself washed on an unknown island stranded all alone with nobody’s help. Chuck never gives up and manages himself from almost losing his sanity. He then manages to build a raft that would take him to his home. 


Watching motivational movies truly helps many people from overcoming their stress, inspires them to a new life and understand the true meaning of life. Motivational movies help to change the mindset of many people and encourage them to view their life from a different angle, encouraging from every aspect.

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