What Are Some Of The Top Inspirational Movies On Netflix?

top inspirational movies on netflix

We all crave an escape from the mundane daily aspects of a lifetime and again and this is very natural. Movies present the right opportunity for us to escape these harsh realities of life and make us go to a safe place. It has been used for thrill or fun or even inspiration as well. there are plenty of movies out there for the unique and customized needs of people and this has to be noted with due diligence and sincerity. These movies make the lives of people much easier by providing them a sort of relief.

Inspiration And Movies

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Movies also give us inspiration and this is one of the most intriguing aspects of it considering the fact that we all at some point in our life crave inspiration. It is very natural since we rarely find chances when we can get influenced by something and when we indeed do we tend to hold on to it and make it our own. People nowadays watch movies mainly on the OTT platforms. Previously there was the popularity of traditional halls to be noted but now mainly OTT sites like Netflix are preferred. Here we will now discuss some of the top inspirational movies on Netflix.

The Best Movies Of Inspiration

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Inspirational movies tend to make us emotional. It attempts to give us a sense and purpose of life so that we can find the adequate direction within it and then thrive accordingly so that there is no complication in our life at a later stage. Life is all about battling the daily challenges and taking care of them with sincerity and the top inspirational movies on Netflix help us to realize that. 

Let Us Explore The List:

  • The Trial of Chicago 7 is one option to consider is the genre of legal films as this appeals to many.
  • Million Dollar Baby is a sports film where a boxing coach attempts to shape the life of his disciple albeit reluctant initially. This is according to critics one of the best films in the sports genre ever made.
  • Marriage Story focuses on the dynamics of the relationship between a couple who has been divorced and discusses how they navigate the different complexities of life.
  • Dangal is an Indian film where a father who does not have any male son makes his daughters be world-class wrestlers and coaches them from the very initial point to go and win medals for the nation.
  • The Theory of Everything discusses the life of genius scientist Stephen Hawking and how he navigates the challenges of life.


We all need inspiration at some point. But getting inspiration is easier said than done. The movies we find on Netflix helps in that direction. Here we thus explored some such movies.

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