Why Inspirational Short Stories Work

Here’s a short inspirational story that I love to read. “A carpenter in His Own Time” by Mark Twain. This is a great little tale of a carpenter who gets a visit from his deceased father. The father had left instructions for a carpenter to take his place should his life be discontinued due to ill health. The young carpenter gets very busy and never notices the missive.

One day while tending to his father’s plants, the carpenter receives a visit from an unexpected source. He doesn’t recognize the woman at all but she has a message for him. She tells him that everything happens for a reason. If he’d only stopped to think about it, he’d realize that his father was dying of old age and this was his chance to make things right in his own life. He took her advice and everything happened exactly as he’d intended it to.

Short Inspirational Story

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“A carpenter in his own time…” is a short inspirational story that I like to read just to break up the monotony. The main character is a very busy carpenter and he must read every word aloud. It’s just too hard to take in all he’s saying. I’ve heard it voiced so many times before, but it still rings true. So he has to remind himself that he’s doing it for himself and for his family.

This is another one of my favorite Bryanston, Virginia stories. This one also comes from the life of Bryanston resident, Frank Washburn. The author, Bryan T. Bryan, gives a nice little blurb about how Bryan learned to manage his negative energy in a positive way that allowed him to live a successful life.

One of my favorite inspirational short stories comes from the pen of Bryan T. Bryan, and it’s entitled “Old Lady.” In this story, we are introduced to a character named Alice, and we learn that she has lived a full and successful life, thanks to a series of fortunate events that have occurred since her birth. We also learn a bit about her birth mother and her struggle with alcoholism. It’s a wonderful, heartfelt, beautiful story that really brings out the inspiring ideas at work here.

A Much Ado

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“The Day the Earth Stood Still” by William Lamb is another very inspiring short story. This one takes place in an extremely remote cabin in the Canadian Rockies, where a carpenter is repairing a giant dollar bill. He knows that one day soon, this bill will be just a quarter dollar, instead of the cent it currently is. That will make him very happy. It’s another story that resonated with me on a personal level.

The last of these inspiring short stories, “Love In The Sky,” written by Randa Jarrar, can be purchased individually or as a book. In this inspirational short story, which was previously published in the United Kingdom, Jarrar tells of her relationship with a woman she met in high school who is currently going through a difficult time in her life. Jarrar cares for her daughter, and she wants to do what she can to help her friend. I really liked this short inspirational story, and it brought a tear to my eye to learn about a woman who’s going through some tough times. Reading it brought me great hope.

Final Words 

All in all, when you purchase any of these three inspiring short stories, you’ll find that they will help you to take a deeper look into your own self-confidence. As you read them, they inspire you to reach further into your own mind, in order to find solutions to your own problems. It’s as if the writers were making out a plea to you. An inspirational short story communicates the deepest feelings in such a way that makes you want to learn more about yourself. Whether you’re dealing with an irritating thing in your life or a troubling situation, these short stories can bring you the most important lesson: You are not alone, and you should be able to find happiness and joy in yourself.

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