Why Some Success Stories Are Not Real Stories?

Any person who has ever loved had a close relationship with, or been involved with a real story will find it difficult to believe that they are not real stories. I have only met a handful of people who are truly real. Most people have encountered someone who is simply an imaginary creation or perhaps someone who has the same characteristics as the fictitious character of a loved one. But, just because some of the characters are considered to be true does not mean that others cannot be fictional characters.

Many people will agree that stories of people who seem to live by a set of rigid moral guidelines, even if they do not describe themselves as honest. We have all heard them before, and we all know where they came from. But, the stories we hear each day, particularly those that involve behavior that is inconsistent with morality, are not usually the real stories. We tend to believe these stories, but they are generally not true.

Why Some Success Stories Are Not Real Stories?
Why Some Success Stories Are Not Real Stories?

Everything You Should Know About Real Stories

An excellent example of this is how many people continue to believe that they are better people than those who commit crimes or offend against others in society. The problem is that by accepting this belief, it can cause them to live in a self-imposed prison. There is no getting out, but they can live in false security for a while.

A friend of mine had a friend whose parents had two daughters who seemed to walk around together. They maintained some apparent inconsistencies. One of them made more money than the other. But at times she would go out of her way to make sure she wasn’t seen with the other girl. They were also concerned that, when they tried to bring up the subject of finances, it would hurt their daughter’s credibility.

My friend asked him why he was taking so much time to investigate this matter. He explained that he wanted to know if they were good people. But he was not going to answer the question directly. His friend didn’t take this explanation well and even went on to tell him that this was something he would have to answer for himself. So, the discussion ended there.

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However, this was not the first time that my friend had asked about this topic. He explained that he had once again tried to clarify the issue, but this time he got a different answer from his friend. This time, he had been told that the two girls had completely different personalities. So they wouldn’t even recognize their mother or any of their siblings. Then, he was told that they had different morals. But that he didn’t believe them when they said that they followed the rules.

And, that was a neighbor of his. So, why was this so important? It didn’t make any sense to me. They both worked, but they both went out of their way to help others. So, why would these parents tell me that they followed the rules when they didn’t?

My friend is brilliant, and he knew that he could never prove the story, no matter how hard he tried. He wanted to talk to the children’s mother to verify what she was saying, but he just couldn’t get a hold of her.

Of course, this was an exciting story, but it didn’t change his opinion of these two little girls. So, it wasn’t something that was going to change the way he lived his life. That was something he believed about himself.

Bottom Line

And I thought about that because I often wonder why people are so interested in the unhappy, sad, and sadistic side of life. People seem to think that if someone feels bad and is behaving badly. Then they will feel better in the end. Why should we believe them?

Why Some Success Stories Are Not Real Stories?
Why Some Success Stories Are Not Real Stories?

As I am writing this, I am reminded of a very interesting book entitled. “Happy Secrets: What the Rest of Us Don’t Know” by Dan Carlin. It talks about happiness and the way that many people believe that if you act happy, you will be happy. Instead, he explains that if you try to remove happiness from your life, it will come back with a vengeance. A vengeance that destroys your ability to enjoy your life.

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