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life changing books

Do you want to read some life changing books? Are you still using the same books that you grew up with and never seem to find something new or inspiring in them? If so, then this is your lucky day. Here are three life changing books that I am sure that will change your life. They are The Little Prince, Think and Grow Rich and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

The Little Prince by Donald Trump: If you are a little kid, you have probably read this book as many times as you can stand. This is one of the life-changing books that is full of magic, fantasy, and adventure. The story starts when Donald Trump’s plane crashes in the sand after landing on a mysterious island. There he meets a penguin who take him home and teaches him everything that he needs to know about life and being a grandpa. The Little Prince was later made into a movie and is still one of the best life changing books to read.

Think and Grow Rich by Leonore Peller: This is probably the best selling book that I have ever read. It talks about how you can live a great life by simply applying some simple tools and strategies every day. The principles within the book are simple, yet they provide amazing results in life.

An Overview

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Think and Grow Rich by Tom Sawyer: This one comes from the year of 1819. It was written by the American author Mark Twain and it is considered one of the best books that can be read by people of all ages. It takes place around the time that Twain was traveling around the United States riding on his motorcycle and talking to people in the small town of Kittery, Massachusetts. He wanted to show them that making money was very possible if you were willing to work hard for it. He took a bunch of small ideas and turned them into the book that we know today as “Think and Grow Rich.”

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: This is another book that has taken my breath away. Napoleon Hill is considered to be the father of modern psychology. After studying several different psychology books, he developed a plan that was called “The System.” This is a series of books that has changed thousands of lives around the world. One of the parts of this system is called “The Think and Grow Rich” guide and this book was originally written by Hill.

Best Life Changing Books

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Think and Grow Rich by Darcy Kilgore: This is the third book in the “Think and Grow Rich” series. It takes place around the time when Kilgore was a senior year in college. She went on to become one of America’s best-known motivational speakers. This book is about an absolutely true story about how Kilgore began her career and how she used her knowledge to achieve incredible success.

Think and Grow Rich by Oprah Winfrey and Walter Dean Myers: This is the fourth book in the “Think and Grow Rich” series. It takes place around the time when Oprah was a junior in college and started dating some young lady that became obsessed with a particular subject. After a while, Oprah got so frustrated with her lack of progress that she decided to turn this particular topic into a bestselling book. In this book, Winfrey shared some of her most successful tips and tricks that not only helped her with her weight issues but also helped her become a more successful individual as well. The author of this book is actually a famous hypnotist and psychologist. In this particular book, you will learn how to use subliminal messages and how to create the mental attitude that you need in order to have success.

You will learn what it takes to think positively rather than negatively and how to utilize every single aspect of your mind in order to reach your goals. This particular book definitely has something for everyone, and there are literally hundreds of people who have used the information provided in this to reach their own personal goals. When you read this, make sure that you not only feel good about yourself but that you actually believe that you can actually do something extraordinary. These are definitely the type of books that should be considered by everyone because they can literally make a huge difference in your life.

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